One to One Financial Services Based on Your Goals and Needs

Income Streams

Income can come from a lot of sources. Jobs, Social Security, Alimony & Child Support, Pensions, Annuity payments, to name a few. Income from your assets is another great source. I will work with your budget to try to find sustainable income streams from your assets to help achieve and maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for, while keeping tax liabilities front of mind.


Retirement Planning

What type of retirement do you envision for yourself? How do you achieve this retirement goal? I’ll do a review of your current assets and work out a plan to get you to your goal. We’ll discuss all the pieces that go into those decisions… when to retire, risk tolerance, assumed health care costs, long term care insurance, life insurance, social security payments, among others. We’ll discuss these topics then also assess your desire to leave a legacy to loved ones.

Living in Retirement

Protecting assets is top of mind in retirement. I rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure diversification, and reduce risk as you count on your assets to take you through travel, medical expenses, vacation homes, time with family or whatever priorities emerge for you.

Building Your Financial Future,

Starts With The Right Advice.


Why Atlantic Coast Financial?

Personalized relationships build trust. We use financial language you can understand. Let’s have a conversation.

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